Cinema 4D Tutorial – Balloons


Up, up and AWAY with another Cinema 4D r14 Studio tutorial floating through the steps of creating a balloon cluster using the MoGraph Cloner and attempting to attach some dynamic strings. Learn How to use the Spline Effector and Random Effector to vary the position and scale of the balloons as well as generate random colors automatically. (And making a few mistakes along the way – watch Part 2 below for solutions)


This is a follow-up tutorial to Part 1 addressing some issues from the original recording, as well as playing around with some Aerodynamics. In the first tutorial I used a “Transparency” channel for the balloon material and lit the scene with Global Illumination. In this video I re-approach the lighting and use an “Alpha” channel to significantly improve render times. I also address the issue of connecting the strings to the balloons, thanks to an incredible solve suggested by Vimeo member “yader“. Do yourself a favor and check out his tutorials on his Vimeo page. This guy has a ton of great quick tips that will blow your mind.

(These tutorials are also hosted on Vimeo PART 1 and PART 2 as well as YouTube PART 1 and PART 2. Be sure to visit both comment sections for tips and feedback from other viewers like yourself)

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