It’s Alive!

A while back I posted a render of a simple low-poly model I had been working on based off of a charming little cartoon character I developed years earlier. The idea was to one day learn Character Pose Morphs in Cinema 4D and breathe some life into this little guy. Well that day has finally arrived… sort of.

BusterBlinkHere is my first attempt at some squash and stretch and a couple of eye movements; the joke being that Buster is made of solid bone, yet somehow he can blink and express emotions with his eyebrows (not to mention talk without a lower jaw).

Pose Morph is an amazingly powerful tool that is super easy to use once you have a basic understanding of what you’re doing. This simple test was done in just about an hour including animating the morphs, and I had never used it before now. I’m really excited to spend a little more time on this in the future and refine the expressions.

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